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Cafe Surplus – a new venture

On May 21, 2018, Posted by , In Food waste,Lifestyle,Vegan, With 1 Comment

Every year in the UK alone, 10 million tonnes of food is sent to landfill. I’ve been involved with organisations since arriving here in Bristol that address the issues of food waste, FoodCycle among them, and have learned loads about the issue at all stages of the process. My next big project…

Tips for safe cycling #7: road position

On May 1, 2018, Posted by , In Cycling,Road Safety,safety tips, With 2 Comments

Much of riding safely on the roads is about positioning. Taking a safe, sensible position can avoid those tricky scenarios which can quickly become dangerous interactions. Don’t hug the kerb Many cyclists ride close to the kerb, either to stay out of the way, or because that’s where the cycle lane…