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Get Outside in 2018

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Get Outside in 2018

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Fresh air is a wonderful thing. Spending time outdoors makes us happier, healthier and gives us time to enjoy the miracle of nature; something that is all too easily overlooked in the hectic routine of modern life.

In January I spent two days enjoying some fresh air in the New Forest, having been chosen to represent Ordnance Survey in their GetOutside initiative for the next two years. A long-established mapping company, Ordnance Survey launched GetOutside a few years ago to promote how beneficial time spent in the outdoors can be; in a time of increasingly sedentary lifestyles, problems with mental health, pollution from transport, and a growing burden on the NHS, fresh air is the wonder drug that seldom gets prescribed (apart from by this company that sells it – the mind boggles). The GetOutside champions come from all disciplines, from different walks of life, and are united by their enthusiasm about the great outdoors.

So, my job this year is to inspire people to enjoy the great outdoors more, and as someone who lives an outdoors lifestyle, I’m looking forward to getting stuck in. Though it’s all very well me hashtagging photographs of my own adventures, in order to make an impact I’d like to know who else is getting involved. This is where you come in, dear reader.

Each month I’ll be setting a new challenge to encourage people to have outdoors experiences, and I would like to know how you are getting on. Write a comment, send a tweet, email me a photo. It’s about trying something new, so if you are already an active outdoors person, maybe share this with someone you know who isn’t.

January: go for a walk – perhaps even walk 1000 miles…
February: have a lunch hour adventure
March: go for a run
April: active travel to work
May: grow / forage your own
June: camping/sleeping outside
July: travel more than ten miles in something other than a car
August: learn to read a map (and find your local river/reservoir/canal
September: inventiveness challenge
October: open air swim
November: climb a hill
December: watch the sun rise / set (and write about it)

So, make 2018 your year of getting outside. It might just change your life.


The Ordnance Survey GetOutside champions 2018

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