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#GetOutside in 2019

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#GetOutside in 2019

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It’s my pleasure to be a #GetOutside champion for Ordnance Survey for a second year. #GetOutside was launched by Ordnance Survey a few years ago to promote the benefits of spending time outdoors; in a time of increasingly sedentary lifestyles, mental health issues, pollution from transport and a growing burden on the NHS, fresh air is an antidote that seldom gets prescribed. Along with the other #GetOutside champions I’ll be continuing to share my stories and adventures and spreading the message about how great the Great Outdoors really is.

But it’s not just about me – each month I’ll be setting a different challenge, encouraging you, the reader, to experience the benefits of regular time spent outdoors. Last year, the challenges inspired people to walk to work, to dig out their running shoes, to camp out under the stars and to picnic al-fresco. There are hundreds of ways to enjoy the great outdoors – here are just twelve suggestions. Throughout the year, I’d love to know if you are taking up the challenges. Tweet me, email me, share your experiences with me on Facebook or leave a comment below. Good luck, and here’s to a year of #GettingOutside


January challenge: experience life at walking pace (and perhaps even walk 1000 miles…)
February: go adventuring in your lunch hour
March: give running a try
April: active travel to work
May: home-grown or home-foraged food
June: sleep under the stars
July: travel more than ten miles in something other than a car
August: learn to read a map
September: eat a meal al-fresco
October: go swimming somewhere outdoors
November: climb a hill
December: watch the sun rise / set (and write about it)

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