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#GetOutside in January: Could you walk 1000 miles?

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#GetOutside in January: Could you walk 1000 miles?

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If every day of 2019 you were to walk just 2.74 miles, by the end of the year you would have hit 1000. Could you? Would you? Should you?

Walking is a form of exploration that came late to me – I always assumed it would be too slow, too boring, too, well, pedestrian. But I have discovered that, through walking, one can discover a whole new world of interest that doesn’t come in any other way. As a form of transport, it is entirely self-sufficient; as a form of exercise, it requires no specialist equipment; as a method of adventuring, it is unique in its eye-opening slowness.

My first long walk, of 26 miles, took a long time to come to fruition. A lifelong cyclist, I thought I’d be impatient to get there, that I’d be frustrated by the plodding progress of one foot in front of the other. But no; it gave me time to breathe, it gave me time to think. The journey is as long as it is, and it takes as long as it takes, and that is simply that. It turns out I wasn’t saving time by cycling; I had exactly the same amount of time, it’s just that I spent less of it experiencing movement. Forcing yourself to slow your pace also slows your mind. In our hectic, must-have-everything-now society that is a rarity.

There are many ways in which to bring walking into your life, whether that be packing your work shoes in your briefcase and walking to the office, taking a stroll during your lunch hour, or going for  a Sunday ramble to the pub. It could be a full day marathon, or a multi-day tour, or even setting out on the year-long challenge of walking 1000 miles.

However you choose to do it, see if you can spend January getting outside more, on foot.



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