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January challenge: could you walk 1000 miles?

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January challenge: could you walk 1000 miles?

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This month’s challenge is to walk more. That could be walking to work, or taking a stroll during your lunch hour, or going for a Sunday ramble to the pub. It could be finding the footpaths that go through unexplored parts of your local area, it could be heading out on a multi-mile trek, and it could even be getting started on the 1000 mile challenge – to walk 1000 miles over the course of a year.

Walking is a wonderful way to access the Great Outdoors. It’s simple – no special equipment is needed – and it can be as long or as short as you wish. Great walks begin the minute you step out of your front door – there is no need to drive for miles to benefit from a walk (and indeed the benefit is greater if you don’t drive).

Walking is an accessible, low-impact form of exercise and is great for reducing stress and lifting the mood. It is good for the hips, knees, feet, legs, heart and brain. And being outdoors rather than on a treadmill has the added benefit of seeing and appreciating nature as well as being a good source of vitamin D (sunlight on the skin).




Walk 1000 miles

If every day of 2018 you were to walk just 2.74 miles, by the end of the year you would have hit 1000. It’s a  challenge worth considering: you don’t need to change your life, you do need to stick at it, you will feel an amazing difference.

Why walk 1000 miles? For health, for happiness, for adventure, for charity or for fun. It’s never too late to start: to start in Feb, you need a mere 3 miles a day, in March it’s 3.3 miles, and by April it’s 3.6 miles each day. The Walk 1000 miles website has a huge number of inspirational stories about what walking can do for you.

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