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BAM January sale

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I write this as I sit here in my BAM Raja yoga pants. I don’t even practice yoga but my, these pants are comfy.

I am proud to put my name to the BAM bamboo clothing brand: as one of the latest BAMbassadors  it’s my job to wax lyrical about the amazing properties of bamboo. Not that it takes much work: bamboo speaks for itself.

There are plenty of reasons why bamboo is such a terrific material for clothing: it is exceptionally soft, it is naturally anti-bacterial, it provides UV protection, it’s hypo-allergenic, it is moisture wicking, and it is warm yet breathable. An all-round performance fabric that is as good for lounging as it is for sports.

But the thing that sells me the most about bamboo is its environmental credentials. We live in a world where constantly shifting fashion means cheap, synthetic clothing proliferates the market, more often than not ending up in landfill. Bamboo is a wonderful alternative to cotton: it is fast-growing and yields the same volume of cotton from 10% of the land area; it grows naturally without need for pesticides or fertilisers; it’s 100% biodegradable; it needs very little water; and as a grass, it is harvested by cutting not uprooting, meaning it is better for the soil.

So shop with a clear conscience, knowing you are helping the planet as well as yourself. And there is a 50% sale on RIGHT NOW!

BAM top

Running top fresh. Not so sure about the runner.

Kit review:

Serenity top: flattering fit, elasticated around the bottom and wrists with a low-cut waist. I prefer tops that cover my lower hips, so this is perfect. I chose the soft mint and it’s a lovely colour.

Seashore Cover up: really comfy, with a cosy long length and hood. I find the sleeves a little on the short side, but given that most of the time I push my sleeves up, this isn’t too much of a problem. I chose eggplant.

Enduro leggings: mine are from last season but I LOVE them – so comfy and warm, I wear them mostly for recovery after running.

Racer Back Sports Vest: colourful and flattering, this stays fresh despite repeated wear – and I run HARD. Which really helps as I can never be bothered doing my laundry 😉

Socks. Socks socks socks. Who doesn’t need more socks? I have the trainer socks which feel padded and snug when I head out for my run. And when I return they don’t even smell – I really give them a good sniff. Bamboo is truly a miracle material.

For a year-round 15% discount enter code HUGHES at the checkout.

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