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Cafe Kino Falafel Friday

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Cafe Kino Falafel Friday

On March 9, 2018, Posted by , In Falafel Friday,Vegan, With No Comments

In an arty patch of Bristol, full of independent venues and bicycles, stands Cafe Kino, a 100% vegan workers cooperative and the scene of this week’s Falafel Friday search. Many of my friends have recommended Kino with its delicious-looking menu and impressive range of cakes. It’s a well-establised part of Stokes Croft and has an easy-going vibe. I don’t have time to eat in, so I order a takeaway box.

The falafel comes with salad, homemade slaw, pitta breads, hummus and tahini sauce. There’s plenty to eat, and it’s nice, but it’s definitely not the best falafel I’ve ever had. It doesn’t have quite the crisp exterior that I like, and the balls are so big that they are really quite stodgy in the middle. The slaw is nice, though, and the salad, hummus and sauce are great additions. At £7 it is one of the more expensive falafel Fridays I’ve had, and I’m not totally convinced it’s worth it.

Only 3.5/5. Sorry Cafe Kino – I will definitely be coming back, but probably not for falafel!


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