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Cafe Surplus – a new venture

On May 21, 2018, Posted by , In Food waste,Lifestyle,Vegan, With 1 Comment

Every year in the UK alone, 10 million tonnes of food is sent to landfill. I’ve been involved with organisations since arriving here in Bristol that address the issues of food waste, FoodCycle among them, and have learned loads about the issue at all stages of the process. My next big project is to work to reduce the amount of edible food that ends up being discarded.

Cafe Surplus will be a cafe based entirely on food waste – produce that is destined for the bin – and will serve delicious, nutritious, affordable meals. There are two aims of the project: one, to simply save that food from the scrap heap, and two, to raise awareness of food waste as an issue while demonstrating that much of the food we deem inedible is, in fact, perfectly good to eat.

Cafe Surplus is launching on 7th June here in Bristol, and will then transfer to London: my west country adventure is almost at its end and I will soon be on my way back to London, bringing Cafe Surplus with me.

For tickets for the launch party, go to, or keep up to date on Twitter and Facebook

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  1. David says:

    Exciting news on all fronts!!

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