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Falafel Friday: Edna’s Kitchen

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Falafel Friday: Edna’s Kitchen

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Today was the turn of Edna’s Kitchen. Friends had recommended it; news articles describe it as legendary. I was about to find out.

Edna’s kitchen sits at the top of Castle Park, the small kiosk offering a number of yummy-looking dishes including meze salad boxes of various sizes, halloumi, and, of course, falafel. Again, I opted for a falafel wrap – £6.

Castle Park is a good setting for a takeaway. My bike and I settled down on a bench overlooking the various pathways that lead down to the water, while a man of advanced years free-jumped over the walls as youths looked on with repressed amazement. I took a bite.

I can see why Edna has such a reputation. Crisp and flavoursome falafel contrasts with silky-smooth homemade humous, all offset by a salad of tomato, grated carrot, red and white cabbage, lettuce, gherkin, sweet coriander, biting chilli and dill. With so many contrasting elements stuffed into my little wrap, there was variety in each delicious mouthful. It was brought together well by a generous slop of tahini sauce, though this was to be its downfall. The wrap had been handed over in a single paper bag, not strong enough to hold the various juices that pooled in the bottom, the paper growing weaker and weaker as I ate and eventually bursting… into my handbag. I have to dock a mark for that.

So, incredible falafel and delicious salad – next time I’ll order a meze box in order to avoid handbag-gate. Good value, although not quite as full a wrap as Falafel King for the same price. A very respectable 4/5.


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