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Falafel King: king of falafel?

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Falafel King: king of falafel?

On August 18, 2017, Posted by , In Falafel Friday,Vegan, With 2 Comments

It’s week two of #FalafelFriday and I’m lining up the big boys. With a name like Falafel King, I’m expecting something spectacular.

This is the street stall at the head of Narrow Quay, outside Bristol Hippodrome, the little sister of the Cotham Hill-based restaurant. I can have my falafel in a pitta for £4 or a luffa (wrap) for £6. I go for the wrap.

The luffa is gently heated, then covered with plenty of hummus, which is followed by no less than 8 balls of falafel. The accompanying salad comprises julienne carrots, white onions, red cabbage, tomatoes and couscous. I opt for tahini sauce. Once everything has been piled on, the wrap is so full it can barely be, well, wrapped. The server handles it with expertise and passes it over, and I’m ready to get stuck in.

De.Li.Cious. Easy to eat in spite of its size. Excellently-cooked falafel well distributed throughout the wrap, with tasty salad (though I’m not sure about the carrots). Totally worth the £6 for the amount you get. And while it looks far too huge to eat, I finish the whole thing without a problem. A very pleasing 4/5. I will definitely be coming back.


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  1. Andy says:

    Was my go-to on visits to Bristol for Bike It! Glad to hear it is still going!

    • Anna says:

      Hey Andy! Brilliant. I am looking forward to checking out the restaurant version and gorging myself on all things falafel.

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