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King of falafel #2

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King of falafel #2

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I was released from my bar shift early last night, so I went on the hunt for falafel. Falafel King in Clifton Down was a long walk up a hill (isn’t everywhere in Bristol) but worth venturing out for, so I’d heard, and still open at 10.30pm when others had closed up for the night.

But with half an hour to go, it looked decidedly as though the kitchen was no longer serving. “Are you still open?” “No, sorry, we’ve just finished for the night. Kitchen closes at 10.” My face fell. “Oh no! I check on G*ogle and it said 10.30… and I’ve just walked all the way up the hill…” I tailed off. The server looked from me to the chef and back again. “What were you hoping for?” he asked. “Just a falafel salad, anything you still have,” I said. He turned again to the chef. “Can you do that?” Chef nods. “Thank you so much!”

10 few minutes later out came the most ginormous salad I had ever seen. A huge bowl piled high with quinoa, pepper, peas, broccoli, beetroot, fava beans, chickpeas and pomegranate, topped with parsley, mint and five falafel balls, with a tahini dressing. It was utterly, utterly delicious, and there was so much variety that every mouthful was a delight. The best part was the beetroot. Or perhaps the broccoli. Oh, the peas were pretty good too. And quinoa! I have always shied away from the decidedly middle-class grain, but this might just change my mind. While there was no hummus (that had to be ordered separately) there was such a variety of textures I didn’t mind. And the falafel balls were as good as you would expect from a place that boldly calls itself ‘Falafel King’.

There was so much food on the plate I took the leftovers away and am currently eating them for an equally delicious lunch the next day. Worth every penny. Full marks for quality of food and for squeezing me in when they were supposed to be closing. The waiter happily cleared up around me and let me stay beyond 11 without complaint. A chart-topping no-question 5/5.



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