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Sonnet for the seasons

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Sonnet for the seasons

On March 13, 2018, Posted by , In Writing, With No Comments


A landscape lain with pure-white driven snow,
Beneath the deep-set flakes are snowdrops hid,
The air hangs thick with smoke from coals aglow
and ice-laced water causes ducks to skid.

Soon leaves will bud and blooming bulbs will blaze
and nestlings stake their claim to river’s edge.
Fresh spring succumbs to soporific haze
of summer eves as waterfowl do fledge.

When autumn cool brings leaves that spin and fall
in colours bright, the Harvest moon will rise,
when chestnuts burst and squirrels hide their haul
pale sun will hang low in the frost-clear skies.

Then, with the crisp, cold nights of annum’s wane
enchanted winter comes around again.


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